Basement Living Room

Environmental Context Residential SuburbResidential area
LocationSmall villa with an irregular floor plan, interior design adapted to the environment.
Natural lightSmall basement windows.
Customer TargetLiving and relaxing

Given the scarcity of natural daylight, our design project was focused on the creation of wall and ceiling lighting solution aimed at livening up the atmosphere and brightening up the rooms.

Downstand fixings and false ceilings made it possible to install the proper light fittings in order to create a perfect lighting.

In addition, in-wall closets were built under the high basement windows, and were illuminated with LED lights .

The elegant and minimalist style of the living space which makes ample display of natural materials such as wood and stone is contrasted by the bar counter with its characteristic rounded shape and metal finish. The naturalistic theme is also symbolised by the lovely mini swimming pool tiled with stunning glass mosaic tiles that perfectly suits any environment, making it harmonious and elegant.

The wardrobe closet with smoked glass sliding door and wall niches break the monotony of the walls, giving style and personality to the environment.